Joe Mockbee, Michigan State University

“Coach DeBord and the Longhorns Organization provided me the opportunity to improve my game through a positive coaching style, emphasis on fundamentals, and strong relationships with the college scouts. I enjoyed my years playing for Coach DeBord and the Longhorns and would recommend his program. ”

Luke Correia, Mercyhurst University

“Choosing to play for the Longhorns was arguably the best baseball decision I ever made. The coaches and organization did a tremendous job helping me with the recruiting process. They stood by my side the whole way and I could not be more thankful. Playing with the was easily the more fun I’ve ever had in baseball. We played for more than just getting to the next level. We played for each other like our coaches preached. Here it was about preparing for life and not just baseball. I could feel how much they cared and about our success. After playing for a few other organizations and here I could not imagine playing anywhere else.”

Jaret Rose, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

“Playing for the Longhorns gave me an opportunity to play with one of the best organizations in baseball. They gave me a chance to play against top level competition and made be a better player and person. Coach DeMarino and Coach Morgan truly cared about me as an individual and a player. They put me in a position to achieve my dream of playing baseball at Mount Vernon Nazarene.”

David Hamrick, Wittenbery University

“Coach DeMarino and the rest of the Longhorns staff provided me an opportunity to play the best baseball I ever played. I got to play again the best competition and strengthened my abilities as a player. Not only did I become a better player, but I learned to respect the game and grew as a person. I enjoyed my time with the Longhorns and would highly recommend it to anyone looking. ”

Matt Radtka, Earlham College

“Coach DeBord, Coach DeMarino, Coach Morgan, and the rest of the longhorns staff provided me an excellent opportunity to improve my game and get noticed by college coaches. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience creating lifelong friends with the players and coaching staff.I believe the two season I spent with the Longhorns helped build a foundation for my collegiate success. ”

Jeremy McAleese, Wittenberg University

“I spent my sophomore and junior season playing with a different organization. When I made the switch to the Longhorns it was one of the best decisions of my life. They gave me an opportunity to have a summer having a great time playing baseball with guys who were serious about the game and getting better before college. The Longhorns are the organization I always wanted to be a part of. They win. They have fun. They compete to better themselves on and off the field.”

Andrew McFadden, Earlham College

“From the perspective of showcases, recruiting advice,  and scouting Coach DeBord and the Longhorns helped me get to where I am today. In my two years in the organization I got on opportunity to play with and against the best in Ohio.”

Jack Pecnik, Lake Erie College

“Coach DeBord and his passionate staff make sure every play is ready for the next level physically, mentally, and in the classroom. They make you feel like family and do whatever needs to be done to get you to the collegiate level.”

Adam Journic, Capital University

“Playing for the Longhorns was a very good experience to play against great competition. It helped me to become a better baseball player and get where I am at Capital today.”

Nick Piotrowski, Mount Union University

“Playing with the Ohio Longhorns was a great experience for me. It’s always fun, and the competition is extremely competitive. The coaching staff did an excellent job of helping meunderstand how to further my game. They also helped me through the college selection process and contacted numerous coaches for me. If your serious about playing in college the Longhorns coaching staff will get you there. ”

Austin Previt, Lake Erie College

“Coach DeBord and the rest of the Longhorns coaching staff really helped me develop not only as a player, but as a person. They helped me get ready for both the spring and summer seasons physically and mentally. I can never thank them enough for helping me get the looks and attention I needed so I could continue onto the next level of my career. Much thanks and appreication goes out to the whole organization and Coach DeBord for believing in me and helping me achieve a life long goal and dream of mine.”

Kevin Pratt, Longhorns Parent

” My son began playing in Aaron DeBord’s program when he was 14 and played all he way thru high graduation. Aaron and his staff worked tirelessly to get all the kids recruited. He was always very selective when it came to recruiting kids and families to his program and he quickly became known for running a top notch summer baseball program, with high academic kids, real good ball players and nice families. Aaron and his staff are committed to coaching the right way, teaching the game the right way, and holding his players accountable to conducting themselves professionally. We are thrilled with the experience we had with the Longhorns, and owe a lot of our sons success to he leadership and mentoring he received from Aaron and his staff.  It’s a high quality program with high quality men running it.”

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